The Truth About Shopping at Hermes

One of the most common questions that I always get from you guys is how do I get a Birkin/Kelly. Whether it’s getting it from the Hermes store or getting it second hand, I’ve been asked this question one too many times. Thus, I thought it’s finally time to put it down on paper and share my experience with all of you.

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Over the last few years, getting a Birkin was top of my priority. I’ve spent countless hours researching about this topic and have shopped in a number of different stores to attempt to get these “holly grail” bags. Before we begin to delve deeper into the subject, I do have to put up a disclaimer. Given that there are so many countries and so many different stores, what I mention in this blog post/video is really limited to my experience at the stores I’ve been to. In the past when I have shared my experiences, I have received a lot of comments about how I’m wrong or how I am lying…but I’m really not. Every country and store is different! The procedure thus varies widely across the world and what I mention may not be applicable to where you shop. Thus, please only use the information I provide as a reference. If you have experience with other stores or stores I’ve mentioned, I would love for you to leave a comment to share your experience. If we can make this into an open forum, I think it would be a really good point of reference for anyone who’s just venturing into their Hermes journey.

I’ve made an in depth video explaining my experience shopping at Hermes as well as shopping second hand. After watching this video, I think you guys will have a pretty good understanding of how to get a Birkin or Kelly. I tried my best to be transparent and give insightful information that may otherwise be lacking on the internet. If you have any questions after watching this video, leave a comment on YouTube and I will address the question in the Hermes Q&A. If you don’t want to watch the video then keep scrolling down.

So if you didn’t watch the video, here are some brief pointers for you. Now these are brief, so if you want to know more details, please head back up to watch the video.

  • Birkin/Kelly/Kelly Cut/Kelly Pochette/Mini Kelly are usually counted as a quota bag (Constance is sometimes a quota bag depending on where you are)
  • In order to purchase a quota bag, at most stores, you have to build a purchase history
  • You can work with a sales person you like to slowly build up your account buy purchasing Hermes items apart from the quota bags in order qualify to buy the quota bag
  • What items count towards your quota differs widely between stores. For example, in Canada handbags do not count towards your quota; however, in the USA or France handbags may count
  • It is best to purchase a variety of different things ranging from silks, jewellery, shoes, leather goods, homeware to clothing. This shows that you have a well rounded profile and truly like the Hermes brand
  • The quota is also different between every store and every sales person. Generally it ranges from a 1:1 ratio to a 0.5:1 ratio
  • If you get lucky you may get offered a bag without being anywhere close to the quota
  • When you are getting close to the quota, your sales will generally ask you for your preferences for the bag. This may include bag types, colors, leather choices and sizing
  • In some stores, you may not need to have a purchase history in order to get offered a Birkin or Kelly. The most widely known store for doing this is the Paris flagship (FSH). I’ve heard though that it is tough to get an appointment and it really depends on your luck whether you get a bag or not if you don’t plan to purchase anything else

If you plan to purchase second hand, here are some great places to check out:

Regardless of where you make your purchase, you should always get an external authenticator to authenticate your bag for you once you receive it. It is a big ticket item after all. I’ve used Bababebi before and I honestly had an amazing experience. Thus, I would highly recommend her to you guys.

Want to know more? Check out my HERMES Q&A

Have a question? Leave a comment below or on my YouTube video



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    September 27, 2018

    Have you purchased with finklepuff before? Is she completely legitimate?

    • Reply


      March 14, 2019

      Hey I haven’t purchased from her before

  2. Reply

    Karen Lie

    April 21, 2019

    I have purchased from Finklepuff before as I am located in Singapore. In fact been to her house twice. Her bags are authentic and in good condition. If she states Like new = mint condition. If she states Preloved = Light scuffing or corner wear. But no matter what, I will get the bag authenticated for a peace of mind.

    • Reply


      May 18, 2019

      Thanks for sharing love! I’ve gotten lots of questions about her before


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