If you are just getting into Chanel, then this is probably one of the most classic questions out there. The classic flap or the LeBoy? Which bag should I buy? Both of these bags are so beautifully crafted, iconic and classic, it is almost an impossible decision when deciding which one to get, especially if you can only buy one!

I, personally, have been lucky enough to own both of these bags at different points of my life. To put it plainly, here are my thoughts and opinions on both bags.

Chanel Classic Flap

  • Classic bag that every girl needs in their collection (funny thing is that, I do not own one at the moment, but it’s because of the price; I also can’t believe I decided to sell mine when I did)
  • If you think CoCo Chanel then this is the bag you will think of
  • Classic iconic Chanel bag that every girl dreams of
  • Symbol of wealth and class
  • More feminine and formal
  • More suitable for dinners, events and work
  • Small bag and won’t fit much; unless you get the Jumbo (which is really giant)
  • This is on the more expensive end for Chanel bags; however, if you are fine with smaller bags, you can always opt for the square mini or rectangular mini at half the price (both of these are on my list)

Chanel LeBoy

  • Classic “new age” Chanel bag
  • More edgy, fun and young
  • More suitable for day and evening looks
  • Cheaper than the classic flap bags
  • Fits about the same amount of stuff as the medium classic flap


Now here’s my real conclusion and recommendation. If you think differently, you can debate me below. I don’t know how and when, but I feel like the classic flap bag has become more of a bag for people in the work force. Every time I think of the Jumbo, I think of an executive or a professional person going to work. Thus, if you are working and you want a bag that you can bring to work, then I highly recommend the Jumbo flap. However, if you want an evening bag or a day bag and you have very little things, then you can consider getting the square mini or rectangular mini.



Pictures speak a thousand words, so let your eyes do the talking. After all these pictures, which bag attracted your eye more? Left or Right?



I know, this post is suppose to be about the classic flap, but I feel like I really haven’t seen this bag on the streets for a while now. Whenever I run into someone looking at the classic medium flap at the Chanel store, they are someone who is atleast 35+ or 40+. This bag really looks more elegant as you age. Thus, if you younger, get the Jumbo or mini, if you are older, get the classic medium flap. If you really want this bag and want a younger feel to it, then I’d recommend getting fun colors (versus the traditional black or nude) or get versions where the pattern is not the classic quilting.

As for the LeBoy, this bag definitely has an edgier tone and younger vibe to it. Thus, in comparison to the medium classic flap, I would recommend getting the LeBoy bag as your first Chanel bag. This bag works for all ages and is the perfect bag for a casual day look with jeans, t-shirt and leather or an all dolled up evening look with a bejewelled body-con dress.




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