Hey guys! I’m Chenny.

I was born many years ago in the year of the Horse and I currently live in Toronto, Canada with my lovely husband. I am Chinese and I speak both English and Mandarin…and very non-fluent French.

I love all things luxury, especially bags and shoes! Thus I started my YouTube channel a while back. If you like the contents of this blog, you will definitely like my YouTube channel; so, go subscribe! Plus, you will get more insights into my style, work, friendship, life views, etc. on my channel. Videos are uploaded twice a week. I’m trying my best to keep to this schedule, but I may miss one here and now.

 This blog is more focused on things that I couldn’t really include in my YouTube videos. Despite my busy daily schedule, I’m going to try my best to update this blog as much as I can. Apart from outfit posts and luxury discussions, I will try to share deals, insights, tips and tricks and things I love on there with you guys!

Q&A #1: Career in Finance, Entrepreneurship, Travel, Luxury Shopping, Investing

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