Hermes 2019 Colors

I remember searching high and low to see what the new colors were back in February 2019, but there were no clear answers. It’s been a few months since then and it looks like the Hermes 2019 colors are official! Atleast for the spring and summer season, that is. One of the colors that I was the most excited about is Mauve Slyvestre. It kind of reminded me of a pinkish lavender, but very light and gentle. Definitely up my color alley.

Another exciting news, confirmed, is that Rose Sakura is back this year! Unboxings and OOTDs have swamped Instagram during the past few months. If you missed it a few years ago, now is your perfect chance to jump on the bandwagon along with us pink lovers. However, it is in popular demand, so it may not be that easy to get. I’ve tried to wait list myself in a few stores, but I’m often hit with the disappointing news that there’s a long list of clients waiting before me. If you are one of the lucky ones that already got your hands on one. Congrats! And I’m definitely jealous!

As for the other three spring colors, I think my preference would be Jaune de naples, Rouge coeur and Blue du nord. Even though I am a blue girl, I feel like the blue this year is not catching my eye and it’s too close to blue jean. I would prefer glacier blue or gris mouette (although on the grey side than blue).

May 18, 2019



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